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" High performance, reliability and quality "

Eleftherios Nalbantis, founder of HELIONAL solar systems, built his first open loop solar water heater back in the early seventies, when global oil crisis was at its peak. The need for alternative energy sources at much lower costs suddenly became a necessity so the first solar water heaters were then easily adopted by Greek households and companies.

This first innovative, easy to install energy saving domestic device was a result of endless research, experiments and development. Since that time, we at HELIONAL continue to test and develop new materials and techniques based on our commitment to design and produce high performance, energy and efficient solar thermal systems and applications.Using advanced know how and state of the art technology, we finally have built our reputation on quality, reliability and durability through the past decades.

HELIONAL is a pioneer company in designing and manufacturing solar thermal systems. It’s launched it’s activities in 1971 looking for more effective ways of utilizing sun’s energy in order to cover household and industrial needs in hot water. HELIONAL main products are solar thermal collectors, which convert solar radiation to thermal energy. In the course of time, through continuous research, we developed new materials and technologies, succeeding in introducing and establishing the wide use of solar collectors in Greece and abroad. Our vertically integrated production plant, the use of excellent quality materials, as well as our investments in high technology machinery, results cost-effective products of high performance and maximum durability.

HELIONAL had successfully supplied thousands of solar systems in the Greek market and abroad. Our company’s export sales are currently directed to 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America), 40 countries worldwide while we incessantly aim to wider expansion and establishment in the international market through our commitment to excellent quality and high production standards.

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