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Sustaining your indoor or outdoor swimming pool warm, requires heavy consumption of fossil fuels while producing lots of green house emissions. Solar swimming pool heating is the most effective solution for heating up your pool economically while preserving the environment. Outdoor swimming pools are mostly used from May to October. During this period approximately 65%-75% of the annual solar irradiation occurs. The comparatively low desired water temperature ( 20-26 degrees Celsius) of swimming pools,  can easily be achieved by selective solar thermal collectors.

HELIONAL offers a cost efficient and easy to install Heliopool solar thermal system, which warms up your swimming pool for free, at least for the six summer month. In case you own an indoor swimming pool, Heliopool system can easily be connected to an auxiliary heating system, contributing at least by 50% to your annual energy bills Heliopool solar thermal systems’ life expectancy reaches 25 years, while requiring minimum maintenance as it is a sophisticated, highly automated energy saving solution. Warming up your swimming pool by using Heliopool solar thermal systems, allows you to extend the usage time period and enjoy swimming more, at a minimum cost.

Heliopool solar thermal systems can also be installed at larger volume swimming pools, like the ones found at hotels, sports centers and villas compounds.


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