Assisted underfloor heating

The underfloor heating is a modern and efficient way of heating residential and professional areas.

Hot water from the boilers or heat pumps circulates through special tubes boxed inside the floor. The heat produced is radiated outwards and is diffused in the area evenly, filling it with warmth.

The underfloor heating system operates in low temperatures of 30 to 45 degrees Centigrade, drastically reducing operation costs. The low temperature operating range of the underfloor, makes it entirely compatible and connectable with a solar thermal system.  When the underfloor system connects to a HELIONAL solar thermal system, even more energy saving is achieved. That’s especially true in countries or areas where the sun shines even during the winter. If you wish to learn more about the HELIONAL underfloor heating solar thermal systems, please click here or give us a call at (+30)2310783691.